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Chrono Cross Review

After years of not wanting to play this for various stupid reasons (it wasn't enough like Chrono Trigger, blah blah blah), I've finally sunk myself into this game. I must say I was shocked by how awesome this reletively low budget RPG is. Everything is just good, the scenery, the battle system, the party system, the element system, it all just fits together into what is one of the finest RPGs I've ever played. The story is slow, but interesting enough that you want to keep going. But regardless of all these fun terms like Battle System and plot depth, it fulfills the most important requirement of a game: its fun! Battles are great, managing character is great without being too tedious, the sub-plots and quests you may come along are cool, and trying to get all the characters in the game in your party (I believe over 40) gives this game a shit load of replayability to boot. The only major gripe I can say about it is the standard battle music (which you'll here alot) gets somewhat annoying after awhile, but it shouldn't detract from the overall experience.

Posted on January 13, 2005 at 1:42 pm
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