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This is all so old, of when I was a much more hot headed individual... read with care lol.

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Splinter Cell (The First One)

Finally finished playing this game. It wasn't because it was overly difficult, but rather time restraints. The difficulty of the game was perfect, challenging, but not insanely stupid to where you chuck in the blanket because its just downright moronic. No, instead this had excellent balance with espionage, battle, but mostly thoughtful stealthy actions.

The game got off to a shaky start for me, because when I tried to first run it, it failed to do so because it didn't like the Play CD when it so horrendously demanded it be in the drive. Even though its an original CD. After battling the pathetic UbiSoft tech support dipshits, I had to end up relying on the help of hackers to come up with a 'certain trick' that let me run it. Oh well, at least I didn't have to dig out my CD every time I wanted to play the game. I should employ that tactic for every other game that so stupidly asks for the CD.

Anyway, after I got that sorted out, I was pleasantly surprised! Previously I had seriously hated ALL the Rainblow Sux games. They were bloody awful, and this being "another Clancy game" I was skeptical. Why did I buy it though? Well, it came free bundled with some hardware, heh. However after playing it, I would have surely bought it, and will be buying all the sequels (Pandora and Chaos, hopefully they donít have that stupid cd bug).

I was pretty much blown away with the engine effects, sounds, and overall fun factor. It wasn't one of those where you enter an area and every bad guy knows exactly where you are and start shooting in your direction *cough*CallOfDuty*cough*. Instead you could sneak around, silently kill stuff, and play with all sorts of fun gadgets. When allowed too, I never left a man standing, doing so in the quietest possible manner. The levels where you were not allowed to kill someone, sort of bothered me, but it added to the fun and challenge of the game, varying the levels and making it not the "same ole same ole".

So why the 9?

Hated the interface for goals, notes, and other junk that you would get along the way. It was clumsy, poorly put-together and executed. I'm a bastard when it comes to interface design, and this game flopped on it. Controlling the character was ok though, it was just the 'Palm' device you used for everything else.

I'm hard to please when it comes to total gaming experience, and this one has been put high on my list of great games I will actually replay someday.

Posted on August 16, 2005 at 7:35 pm
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Archives  Pro  This is all so old, of when I was a much more hot headed individual... read with care lol.