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Star Trek Elite Force II
February 27, 2003 | Andy Largent

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Entering Visual Range
Looking through the available screenshots for Elite Force II, you can see the game's graphics are already a step ahead of the original. Though it uses the same Quake III engine, Ritual has again stepped up both the characters and environments. It's still too early for Aspyr to give any official system requirements, but Ritual has revealed it will likely be on par with other high-end Quake III-based games like Soldier of Fortune II or Medal of Honor.

The characters and weapons in Elite Force II have been enhanced over the previous game with much higher detail. The humans look more realistic, while the new aliens show a definite style, which manages to set them apart yet still stay believable within the world of Star Trek.

The settings in the game have been enhanced as well. There will still be a fair amount of crawling through the classic Enterprise hallways, but Raven is also trying to branch out and show alien ships and environments. Deploying the Hazard Team planet-side is a perfect excuse to take the series out of its normal surroundings. The extremes should all be represented, with both snowy alien bases and lava-filled terrain for you to fight through.

Audio in the game is said to be right on par with the original. Along with Captain Picard, Voyager's Lieutenant Tuvok (actor Tim Russ) is also expected to reprise his role in this second game. Activision has not released a complete list of the voice actors participating from the TV series' yet.

All Ahead, Full Impulse
It's early yet in the development of the Mac version of Elite Force II, but we're definitely looking forward to the results. The original game had plenty to keep any shooter fan entertained, and it's looking like Ritual is looking to only do better with the sequel. Elite Force II hopes to keep the same feel of a Star Trek episode, while letting players experience even more with a longer, more complex storyline.

You can also expect Holomatch, Elite Force's popular multiplayer app, to make a reapperance in the game. Along with the new weaponry, Ritual is also hoping to add new multiplayer modes to the standard set of deathmatch and CTF games. Some of the new types are more team-based like Bomb Diffusal, in which you will attempt to destroy an opposing team's base while protecting your own. Other modes like Domination, Capture Points and one called Power Struggle should be available out of the box. A variety of multiplayer maps will be available, as well as full bot support.

Westlake Interactive is reportedly working on the Mac port, but as of this writing they were unable to comment on any such possibility. Stay tuned for much more information as Elite Force II nears completion. The PC version is expected out this summer, and we're sure Aspyr will do everything in their power to get the Mac game out soon after.

Star Trek Elite Force II
Publisher: Aspyr Media
Developer: Ritual Entertainment
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