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The Sims: Vacation
August 12, 2002 | Michael Phillips

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What’s more fun than a vacation? I love going somewhere new, seeing the sights and forgetting the mundane responsibilities of everyday life. Resort vacationing can be particularly enjoyable, everything entertaining is all in one place and patrons are pampered and cared for to the highest degree. I so love being cared for and pampered, in that order! Yet, sometimes I feel guilty when I glance at my G4 Tower and think of my little Sims…

The Sims have been Livin’ Large, thrown a House Party and even stepped out on a Hot Date, but have yet to know the pleasures of a full blown pack up the car, grab the kids, all out vacation. However, the previous will soon be a distant memory thanks to a hefty expansion pack by the name of The Sims: Vacation. That’s right, Sims fanatics; the dynamo that is Aspyr Media will soon be bringing another installment of the wildly popular Sims series to the Mac OS.

Welcome to the Hotel Simville
Thanks to the grand opening of a new Resort Island, Sims simply need to pick up the ol’ phone and dial-up the resort shuttle and they’re on their way to various forms of paradise. The Resort Island is vast and full of ways for Sims to frolic. Each part of the Island has its own theme, everything from snow-covered cabins to white sandy beaches are available. The ski resort features luxurious cabin style rooms, out door hot tubs and a full buffet. For those who enjoy roughing it, there are campgrounds complete with rustic tents, outdoor grills for making the perfect burger, volleyball nets and fully stocked ponds for fishing. There’s even a cheesy beach motel that boasts lime green bed sheets, various souvenir shops and a swimming pool with diving boards and a fantastic slide slide slippety slide.

Gamers will surely enjoy the level of group activity in Vacation. For example, Sims can sit around a campfire, singing songs & toasting fluffy marshmallows. Another interesting group activity is fishing. When fishing, Sims casually cast their lines, hoping to catch a fish worthy of a spot over the mantle back home, all while chatting it up with fellow fishersims. My Sim recently reeled in a poor turtle; luckily he was already in the market for a lip ring and was happy return home to the pond. I shed a tear for poor Yurtle, I hope the pond is treating him well… Volleyball is another way for Sims to spend their hard-earned vacation time. In volleyball, teams of 4 battle it out in front of the net for points and bragging rights. It’s too bad my Sim is about as good at volleyball as he is at fishing.


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