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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon
July 29, 2002 | Carter Sample

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"You’ve got a Tango on your six!"

Who could forget those words after dropping countless terrorists in one of the best tactical-shooters ever, Rainbow Six? Well, Tom Clancy’s back and he’s teaming up with Aspyr Media to bring you a sure to be excellent tactical military shooter, Ghost Recon.

Russia has fallen prey to an extremist group of politicians bent on bringing back communist Russia. N.A.T.O. breaks out into a conflict with Russia, who is attempting to reclaim the breakaway Republic of Georgia, and the Baltic states of Estonia Lithuania and Latvia.

The war goes from bad to worse. Casualties skyrocket and hostages are taken. The world’s last hope is to send in the Ghost.

You are the Ghost, an elite military squad that must risk your lives for the sake of the world. If you fail, you don’t let down your team; you let down the world.

Ghost Recon uses its own brand new engine. The engine totes vast outdoor areas with expansive hills and valleys. Adding to the realism will be trees that sway in the wind, making it hard to find that sniper who just killed one of your men while hiding in the branches. The impressive character models and the realistic environments create a setting where the camouflage you pick might be a decision between life and death.

Speaking of character models, you won’t find any “clones” in this game. That’s right, every solider and terrorist has his (or her) own unique look. All these small features roll together to create an incredibly immersive game.

The sound quality in Ghost Recon is superb. In some levels you’ll hear the jet fighters screaming over your head as you battle it out in a forest. You will feel as if you’re right in the action as you hear bullets ricochet off your cover or as you hear that painful “thud” sound as a bullet goes into the sides of your target.

During missions through the swamps, you’ll hear the sloshing as you and your troops wade through the mud. You’ll also hear raindrops hitting the water around you, hopefully covering the sound that your troops are making. Sound is something that is lacking in a lot of games today. Ghost Recon delivers here where many other games fail.

Ghost Recon is a first-person-shooter, but nothing like Quake III or Unreal Tournament. In Ghost Recon, if you get hit once, maybe twice, you’re dead. There are no health or ammo packs to pick up and you won’t respwan. So, choose your steps wisely or they may be your last.

The single-player campaign has 15 missions spanning over a large variety of weather and terrain. When you first start a mission, you will be briefed and then you are off to pick your troops. You have choices between different units with various abilities and weaknesses, so you must choose wisely. Troops range from riflemen, snipers, support and demolition.

You must then equip each soldier with his armaments. You have a huge arsenal at your disposal. This weapons include sniper-rifles, semi- and fully-automatic rifles, even rocket launchers and much more.


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