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Giants: Citizen Kabuto
November 7, 2000 | Tuncer Deniz

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Giants is somewhat of a unique game concept in the otherwise derivative sea of computer games that typically dominates store shelves. Planet Moon, which includes some of the crazy cats that were responsible for the original MDK and Earthworm Jim, has put together one very cool-looking game that is sure to capture many a gamer’s dollar over the holiday season and beyond.

The Giants story involves three groups of characters: The Meccaryns, the Sea Reapers, and Kabuto (who’s not a group, he’s only one guy). In the single-player portion of the game, you end up playing all three races (in the above order) as the story unfolds before you.

The Meccaryns are five fun-loving cockney blokes who end up crashing on the planet where all the action takes place. They take to helping a group of enslaved creatures called Smarties, and along their way end up doing battle with Sea Reapers, and indirectly with Kabuto. The Meccs have cool weaponry like Pea-Shooters, Sniper Rifles, and Machine Guns to do their dirty work.

When you play as the Sea Reapers, you actually play as one character, Delphi, the daughter of the evil Queen Sappho of the Sea Reapers. Unlike the Meccaryns, Delphi can swim and also does well on land; she has a bow and arrow, and a sword, but she’s also capable of doing incredible damage with a wide variety of special spells that include summoning a Tornado and slowing time.

Kabuto is the focus of the entire game. He’s a giant who was created years ago by the Sea Reapers to protect their islands from enemy incursions. Unfortunately for the Sea Reapers, Kabuto was created with a wee-bit too much attitude and kicked the Sea Reapers back into the sea. Kabuto is one big-ass giant that is capable of demolishing buildings while he eats his enemies to regain strength!


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