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The Sims: Hot Date
April 26, 2002 | Josh Jansen

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Fourth, and this is game wide, since the time will not be available for the grass to grow, the land development tools include a new grass tool.

Fifth, there are now rental booths to do things at with some of the new scenery, like fish ponds and their accompanying fish food and motor boats, for example.

Sixth, as alluded to before, there are two new kinds of NPCs- the ones that sell you things, take your orders, cook your food, etc., and the ones similar to your Sim in the downtown simulation mode, or 'Townies,' as they're named. While roaming around downtown, your Sim can ask a local 'hood neighbor or even a Townie to talk, gossip, or go on a gradient of a date- hanging out, 'go out,' etc. If the NPC accepts the date, a blue icosahedron appears over his or her head. The more the Sim enjoys the date, the more blue the icon becomes, sort of like a mood ring and similar to your own Sim's icon, only in blue. After meeting one of these Townies, you then have the option of calling them from your home, as if they were real neighbors.

Effectively, this is a Sims dating engine, hence the title, Hot Date.

Now, as you may have suspected, the ability for a date to get interesting has been programmed into the engine- from playing footsie under the table to rocking in a porch swing to a full on, directly quoted, 'make out.' The pinnacle of these activities is 'love' or a gradient thereof (there are at least two different types of hearts in the relationships bar now, along with a lifetime and day-to-day attitude indicator stratification, so that one bad date doesn't ruin a lifetime relationship.

Lifetime status takes days to reverse or repair, whereas day-to-day will eventually be resolved in the direction of the lifetime status), and the asked and answered question of 'would you like to go back to my place?' Believe it or not, that's become an actual option. What you and your sims and the things that you buy and place do is none of anyone else's business, but remember to use protection! That's what the burglar alarms were created for, after all. Protection.

All in all, this game is in the same track-marked vein as the other editions of the Sims, and, let's face it, is more or less the same as everything else that Maxis puts out: a great and innovative simulation with a subtle homage to a man named 'Wright.' It shall prove to be a worthy addition to the burgeoning Mac OS X cadre of substantive electronic diversions.

The Sims: Hot Date
Publisher: Aspyr Media
Developer: Maxis
Mac Version: Westlake Interactive
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