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Civilization III
January 4, 2002 | Andy Largent

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One very powerful new tool in the Civilization III arsenal is culture. Notice how that McDonald's sign seems well known around the world? If you can get other civilizations to want your culture as badly as some grease-laden french fries, you're set. Culture is determined through both Small Wonders, which each city can build, and Great Wonders like the Pyramids or The Great Library. The Great Wonders will score you big culture points, but you need to get the technology in place before other civilizations do or risk having them build one first.

The biggest advantage to culture is that it will spread your influence around the game world. Say those pesky Germans plant a city in the middle of your fledgling empire. If your culture is dominant enough over theirs, their city might actually revolt and try to join up with your civilization. It's a great way to keep extending your borders long after all of the available land is gobbled up.

Been Here Before
For previous fans of the series, it could be possible you don't see the upgrade to Civilization III as a worthwhile endeavor. Even in my admittedly limited experience with the first and second games, I can see some big changes in this one. The trading schema is much more fleshed out this time around, with the ability to swap goods, technologies, and treaties in order to achieve your goals.

Fighting over cities is not about stealing technologies or populations anymore, as the focus shifts to a resource-heavy style. If your buddies the Iroquois have iron you really need, it might be time to assemble a warrior welcoming party on their front door. Each civilization has its own unique unit as well, which increases your replayability and different advantages even more. Wrap these and many other changes up with the culture factor above and you have a completely new game to play.

One Game to Rule Them All...
Consider this a cursory glance at the monster title that is Civilization III. It should make turn-based lovers out of the mightiest of naysayers and easily adds enough new features to send Civ fans into stores for their copies. MacSoft is expecting the final boxed versions to appear at Macworld next week thanks to the quick work of porting house Westlake Interactive. System requirements are fairly average for most games, though extra CPU power is always welcome to speed up the computer's AI. Here's a quick rundown of the necessary hardware:
  • Mac OS 8.6 or higher or Mac OS X 10.0.4 or higher
  • 300 MHz iMac or better (500 MHz preferred)
  • 64 MB RAM for the classic Mac OS (96 MB preferred), 128 MB for Mac OS X
  • 500 MB hard disk space (650 MB preferred)
Stay tuned to IMG for the latest as Civilization III moves out of production and into the hands of eager gamers. If you're a MacGames CD subscriber that hasn't yet pre-ordered, be sure to do so now at the IMG store for the very nice price of $39.

Civilization III
Developer: Firaxis Games
Publisher: MacSoft
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