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Age of Empires II
October 16, 2001 | Christopher Morin

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Few real-time strategy (RTS) games have garnered as much attention as Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings. The long wait for Mac gamers is almost over as this gem from Ensemble Studios will be shipping sometime in November.

Many of us were extremely excited to see Peter Tamte, who founded the original MacSoft, start a new company with the promise that he would be bringing many Mac games to the market. Later we learned one of these titles would be award-winning Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings.

I recall one of my first reviews for IMG was Age of Empires back in 1999, published by MacSoft. It quickly became one of my favorite games as well as a great many in the gaming community. Ensemble Studios did a fantastic job of raising the bar on RTS games. As many Age fans know, Age of Empires II is the sequel that surpassed expectations and was a big hit in the PC market when released last year. Now Age II is coming to the Mac market thanks to Mr. Tamte, Bold, and those code wizards at Westlake Interactive. Not only will Bold bring us Age of Empires II but also its expansion pack, The Conquerors. The pent up demand is almost palpable.

Those Who Forget History…
Age of Empires ended with the expansion pack, The Rise of Rome. While Mac gamers never saw the expansion pack on their favorite fruity computers, we will certainly be able to pick up the series from the time period after the fall of Rome through to the Middle Ages. Because Age of Empires II Mac will also include the expansion pack, The Conquerors, Mac gamers have more reason to rejoice as the game will be more expandable with extra civilizations, campaigns, and online play.


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