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January 24, 2002 | Patrick Leyden

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One of the most recognizable characters in pantheon of pop culture icons is Spider-Man. Having the strength and abilities of a spider applied on a human scale may not sound like much of a super power, but it has proven to be more than enough to sustain generations of fans. In the interactive gaming realm, Spider-Man has had a strong presence that dates back to the early days of console gaming. While many other comic heroes have been attached to games that range from boring to unplayable (all but the most recent of Batmanís gaming adventures come to mind), titles featuring Spider-Man have generally been fun to play. This most recent Spider-Man game is no exception.

Mac gamers who are looking for a fresh adventure game to play on their G4 towers running OS X or their MacOS 9-powered iMacs are in for a treat. Spider-Manís appearance on the Mac platform looks to provide closet super heroes with an exciting outlet for their suppressed super hero tendencies without requiring anyone to don red and blue pajamas and attempt to swing through the skyscrapers of New York City.

Catches Thieves Just Like Flies
The web slinging crime fighter has battled petty criminals and super villains alike in comics and on television, and his latest video game adventure is no different. The Spider-Man game begins as Peter Parker (the alter ego of Spider-Man) watches as an unknown person masquerades as the wall crawler and commits a daring daylight robbery. Now wanted for a crime he did not commit, Spider-Man must not only discovery who framed him and stop their evil plans, but he must also avoid capture by the authorities who think that the hero has turned to a life of crime.

Spider-Man makes heavy use of pre-rendered movies during and in-between levels in order to move the plot forward. Unlike most titles in which the story is simply used as a bridging device between levels, the narrative of Spider-Man is an essential component of this game. This is not surprising since the character of Spider-Man has such a rich history that is filled with exciting storylines and colorful characters. Longtime comic book fans will be gratified to see that this game is a veritable Whoís Who of the Spider-Man universe. Characters such as Daredevil, Black Cat and Scorpion are just a few of the fan favorites that put in an appearance in the title. Gamers who are not as familiar with Spider-Manís friends and enemies can easily catch on without feeling left out since these characters typically play cameo roles in the game.

Spins a Web Any Size
Spider-Man is a character with superhuman strength, the ability to stick to walls and the intelligence to create a fluid that can be used to simulate a spiderís web. These amazing powers are what make Spider-Man so interesting to many comic fans Luckily, Spider-Manís developers have not cut any corners in gameís design and allow the player to perform all of these actions.


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