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December 14, 2001 | Michael Eilers

The Solo Game
Sacrifice features a long and involved solo game, with a branching structure that makes for excellent replay value. Although each god has a set number of missions for you to try, you can go through them in any order you want, choosing which of the five gods you want to ally with for your next mission. However, you carry over the spells, creatures and experience you earned from the previous mission, giving your character a unique set of abilities each time you play. The game features some amazing voice talent, and lots of in-engine cutscenes (some very funny!) to move the plot along. Fans of Giants in particular will find the complex personalities and offbeat humor both familiar and welcome.

Sacrifice also supports multiplayer for up to four opponents. Although the game ships with many multiplayer maps (for 2, 3 and 4 opponents) the PC version also shipped with a set of map editing tools; thus there are many third-party maps out there to choose from as well. You can play TCP/IP, LAN and local (skirmish) games, and can fill any of the slots with a computer AI.

The Mac Version
The Mac OS (and OS X) version of Sacrifice should be functionally identical to the PC version, but there will be no port of the map editing tools. While the game uses Direct3D on the PC side, the Mac version will require OpenGL (and thus an OpenGL-compatible video card). On the PC this game has mid to high hardware demands, so donít be shocked if it has the same limitations on the Macintosh platform.

Overall Sacrifice is a truly original take on the RTS genre, crafted with care and a genuine (if twisted) sense of humor. MacPlay has done us a great service by bringing this underappreciated title to our platform, and hopefully Shiny will finally get the recognition they deserve for this unique effort. Watch for this game to appear following the Holiday season.

Publisher: MacPlay
Developer: Shiny Entertainment
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