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August 7, 2001 | Chris Barylick

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Mention puzzle games to some of your friends and their eyes will roll in boredom. If it's not 3-D and exploding, complete with the blood and vital organs of your slain opponents dribbling from the computer's monitor, it's not worth it. Jiggy! by Maverick Software may just change the perception of puzzle games on the Mac.

Jiggy! isn't your run-of-the-mill shareware game by any stretch of the imagination. Completely original in and of itself, the game combines the challenge of Tetris with a new slant on jigsaw puzzles. Players are shown the original complete picture of a puzzle for a few seconds, which then turns blank. Individual pieces fall on the right hand side of the screen, players having to grab them as they fall or from where they've landed and place them where they belong within the final puzzle. Jiggy! rewards memorization of the completed puzzle. Jiggy! grants more points if a player can place a piece with few to no adjoining pieces to hint at where it should go (No adjoining pieces: 500 points, one adjoining piece: 250 points two adjoining pieces: 150 points, three adjoining pieces: 100 points, four adjoining pieces: 50 points.) A simple premise, the overall result is much more challenging. The right hand side of the screen allows for only 12 individual pieces to stack up before the game ends, forcing players to stay on their toes.

Keep in mind that players aren't completely without help by any stretch of the imagination. A "Peek" button allows for players to see the completed puzzle while the individual pieces keep falling. The "Peek" function subtracts 500 bonus points from the player each time it's used. Jiggy! demands players keep a coherent mental picture of the completed puzzle in their heads and rewards this.


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