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Myth III: The Wolf Age
June 26, 2001 | Michael Yanovich

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E3. A three-day long gamerís nirvana. One of the tripís highlights for me was being able to see Myth III firsthand at the Godgamesí Promised Lot. For those of you who missed the article, Iíve made your life easy, hereís the link.

However, do you want to know whatís even better than seeing Myth III for 15 minutes in an air-conditioned motor home? Thatís right, itís getting an in-depth preview of Myth III at the MumboJumbo offices in Irvine, California. While traffic on the way to Irvine unquestionably proves the existence of Hell, it was well worth the trip.

Guiding me on my Willy Wonka-esque journey were Mike Donges, executive producer; Scott Campbell, Game Designer/Project Lead; and Andrew Meggs, Lead Programmer. So what did I learn?

I am not going to go into detail on the previous articleís information, but here are the basics:

Units are now fully 3D, not 2D sprites on a 3D background. Trees and bushes are also fully 3D now (and everything else on the map as well).

Swaying trees will give you an idea of how the wind is blowing. The physics engine will take the wind into account for all airborne objects, including projectiles like arrows and Molotov cocktails.

There will be a full single player campaign, which takes place 1,000 years before Myth TFLís storyline begins.

Multiplayer will also be supported in a fashion similar to

While many units from Myth and Myth II are making a return appearance, tweaks have been made for gameplay issues. Plus, there are over a dozen new units.


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