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GraphSim Entertainment
Adventure & RPG
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May 29, 2001 | Michael Phillips

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Who are you? What can you do for me? Ok, you’re hired
As the game progresses, Joseph is joined by Flece, Rosalind and Jekhar. Each character has their own strengths & abilities and feelings toward Joseph.

Flece: A talented pickpocket and thief, Flece grew up on the mean streets of Lenele. After the murder of her Mother, Flece was taken in by Tancred, ringleader of the city’s crime element. Tancred taught her to be a cunning thief and con artist; she can handle herself in just about any situation. Flece’s motives for assisting Joseph are quite unclear.

Flece is my favorite character thanks to her ability to backstab her enemies. There is NOTHING more enjoyable than sneaking up behind some poor guard and plunging a dagger into his back, killing him instantly. Flece’s lock picking skill is very useful as well.

Rosalind: Gifted in the arts of spell casting, Rosalind is studying with the order of monks of Iona. Because of her knowledge of lore and magic, Rosalind is commanded by the monks to aid Joseph on his quest. She doesn’t quite believe in Joseph’s destiny and resents him for having to leave her studies on Iona.

Rosalind is an extremely cool character. Her fire and ice spells are more than capable of smiting most enemies, while her healing spells help keep a party alive and fighting. Rosalind’s AI is also very nicely done. When not being directly controlled by the player, she automatically casts the appropriate offensive or healing spells for the situation.

Jekhar: Jekhar was a former resident of Ciran and friend to Joseph. Having survived the demon’s attack on his home, Jekhar joined the army of King Bellias VI and swore that if he ever saw Joseph again he would have his vengeance. However, Jekhar’s plan for revenge is quickly halted when he is ordered by King Bellias to protect Joseph on his quest. How’s that for irony? Will Jekhar help Joseph or will he put an axe through his face? Only time will tell…

Jekhar is a standard melee character, he’s powerful and skilled with a wide array deadly weapons. He can take down most foes with ease.


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