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May 29, 2001 | Michael Phillips

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Are you dying for a full 3D role-playing game to grace your Mac, but can’t wait for Neverwinter Nights? Do you dream of exploring vast 3D landscapes with a group of fellow adventurers over the internet, hacking & slashing enemies all the while? Well, don’t panic, help is at hand. In just a short amount of time GraphSim will be bringing Summoner to the Mac OS. I recently had the opportunity to take Summoner for a test drive and let me just say that this game is definitely worth getting excited over. With gorgeous OpenGL graphics, beautiful spell effects and exhilarating combat, Summoner will cause any Mac gamer to drool all over their Apple Pro Mouse.

There once was a man from Ciran
In Summoner, players take control of Joseph of Ciran. He was born with the “mark of the Summoner”, but refuses to embrace his powers due to the fact that at the tender age of 9 he accidentally lost control of a demon that he summoned to protect his village from raiders. This loss of control lead to the destruction of Joseph’s entire home and way of life. That’ll really cripple a child’s self-esteem and emotional growth, but I digress. Those who survived the demon’s onslaught despise and fear Joseph, thus he is banished never to return. Life as an outcast is hard, but peaceful, that is until the prophecy… It is spoken that a Summoner will one day overthrow the evil Emperor Murod and bring peace to all of the land. Murod, quite vexed by this bit of news, quickly dispatches his agents to find and deal with the Summoner. Once again, Joseph’s life will take a nasty turn. As Joseph’s current home of Masad is being plundered by Emperor Murod’s band of merry evil doers, he decides to flee and seek refuge in Lenele City, where he hopes to find his former friend and mentor in the arts of summoning, Yago. How’s that for a game premise?

Location, Location, Location
Summoner features some of the largest and most picturesque locations in game history. Aside from being full of rich and breathtaking scenery, each location has a lush and interesting back-story. One may learn as little or as much as they desire about a particular location by chatting with its various NPC inhabitants.

Lenele: Built on the ruins of the famed City of the Gods, Lenele is the capital of Medeva and home of King Bellias VI. Lenele houses the best army in Medeva, thus its residents feel safe from Emperor Murod’s wrath.

Lenele is one of the largest areas in Summoner, it’s complete with many shops and side quests. For an extremely interesting bit of back-story, visit the very creepy, Temple of Urath.

Iona: Iona is a lonely island monastery just off the eastern coast of Medeva. Guarded by an order of mage-priests, Iona’s Great Library contains the world’s most complete collection of tomes written in the divine language of the gods. It is said that many monks go mad with visions of pain and death after reading from these ancient tomes

Iona is quite a lovely area to visit. Containing several side quests and a MASSIVE underground cavern in which to do battle, Iona will keep any player busy for a good amount of time.

Wolong: Wolong is a fishing village built by the Lake of Sorrows, where a mighty dragon wept a sea of tears. In order to keep the dragon happy, so that his tears don’t wash away their home, the villagers of Wolong throw grand festivals of fireworks and dancing.

Wolong is one of my favorite areas in Summoner. It has a rich back-story, beautiful scenery and exhilarating combat situations.


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