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Unreal Tournament 3
January 31, 2008 | Michael Phillips

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Itís cold and dark, but sweat is pouring down your back. Your body armor is heavy as lead, but a nice mix of adrenaline and fear takes care of that. Gripping your flak cannon, knuckles white, finger on the trigger, you feel light as a feather. You have no family, few friends. Connections are pointless to you. You live for one person: yourself. You live for one thing: the tournament, the largest kill or be kill blood sport in the galaxy. Lights flicker above, you hear screams and gunfire echo through the steel corridors of this abandoned prison turned arena. Footfalls from behind; you turn and fire in one fluid motion. Thousands of metal shards race from your cannon, piercing flesh, shattering the bones of what seconds before was an intact human torso. Your opponent falls dead, a bloody mess. His insides run down the walls, thick and dark-red. You think, "F****ní nice, twelve kills to go."

This is Unreal Tournament 3

And the Bodies Hit the Floor
Published for the PC by Epic Interactive and on its way to the Mac courtesy of MacSoft, Unreal Tournament 3 looks to be an outstanding addition to OS Xís first-person shooter line-up. Though titled Unreal Tournament 3, this is actually the fourth game in the venerable series. Simply, itís based on the shiny new Unreal Engine 3, hence the title. Fans of previous Unreal Tournament games will know that each new incarnation tweaks and builds up the previous. Unreal Tournament 3 will boast, believe it or not, a story-driven single-player campaign, 6 multiplayer game modes, 12 brutal weapons, 15 high-tech vehicles and a slew of indoor and expansive outdoor maps, all rendered in the Unreal Engine 3.

In Unreal Tournament 3, players will actually find a story in the gameís single-player campaign. Granted, it wonít be War and Peace, but it will be leaps and bounds ahead of previous games in the Unreal Tournament series. The campaign will feature 3 acts, primarily following a character known as Reaper. Reaperís entire colony was obliterated by a fearsome race known as the Necris, so heís out for revenge... tournament-style. Gameplay will still consist of the usual deathmatch, team-deathmatch, capture the flag (CTF) et all variants, but with the successful completion of each match, a little more of Reaperís story will unfold. The campaign will be broken into 3 chapters, each with a new set of goals. For example, in chapter one players will guide Reaper in an attempt to steal vehicles from the Axon corporation with the goal of later using them against the dreaded Necris. Before each match, players will be presented with a map from which they will choose a battle zone. Any given battle zone might consist a different game mode, such as deathmatch or the new Warfare variation. Each victory will lead to a new zone of the playerís choice.

In a new twist to the Unreal Tournament franchise, victories will earn the player bonuses in the form of cards. Cards are kept in an inventory on the map screen and may be played before entering a battle zone. Each card offers a bonus that lasts for the duration of a match. For instance, a card might offer vehicle armor upgrades or enhanced health for oneís entire team. Itís Castle Risk meets the blood drenched world of Unreal.


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