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January 11, 2007 | Michael Miller

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Fortunately, Native Americans have the ability to spirit walk, i.e. leave their body as a ghost and wander around invisible and impervious (sort of) to harm. Betcha didn't know that, now did you? It's true. At a certain point in the game you discover this apparently inheritable trait. Afterwards, two little figures of yourself appear on the screen - a red one that depletes as your physical self is damaged, and one that is blue, which represents your incorporeal self. Which one is on the forefront depends on whether or not you are spirit walking at the time.

When your spirit leaves your body (voluntarily, that is) by you pressing a key on your keyboard, the world shifts to a hazier, indistinct blue and you are free to wander through force fields and around oblivious enemies. Your body remainds behind, in a state of suspended animation - quite literally, as it sort of hangs there in midair, head thrown back, as though frozen in the process of being sucked up to heaven. Or by an alien spacecraft.

Being able to engage in reconnaissance without being attacked would be useful enough, but you can, if you like, also manipulate some objects in the physical world, much like a poltergiest might. This presents a new dimension to the game, wherin you have to be able to discerne not only how you can navigate the area as a human, but also as a ghost, and in which form you have to be to actually solve the puzzles.

What's interesting is that contrary to what one might expect, you actually can attack when spirit walking - the instant you do, enemies can see you and do damage to you, but it's entirely possible to sneak behind some enemies and then start filling them with spirit arrows. Arrows of light. Because naturally, that is what you are armed with as a native american spirit. One wonders what the spirit of the Marine in DOOM would be armed with, though - spirit bullets?

At any rate, if things become too dicey for you as a ghost, and you are about to get damaged beyond repair you can return to your body instantaneously, wherever you are. You heal your spiritual self with the spiritual residue your fallen enemies leave behind.

This and a number of other abilities are taught to you by your Grandfather as you attempt to survive the situation you have been thrust into. A pretty strong thrust of the storyline is that Tommy is intent on rejecting his background as a Native American, and has been trying to convince his girlfriend to leave their native lands and depart for new horizons. But without getting in touch with his history, his ancestors, and everything that made his people great, he isn't going to survive the seemingly insurmountable odds presented. You don't have incredible armor to call on, there are no implants, you are not a super soldier. Instead, you have to grow and progress on a spiritual journey, getting in touch with the legacy your ancestors have left you. This, coupled with wits, fortitude, courage, love, and a lot of really heavy firepower, will let you kill a lot of hostile things.


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