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Star Wars: Empire at War
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These just so happen to be the droids you seek.

The empire puts a serious hurting on some space pirates.

Humble beginnings for the rebellion.

Run, pirates! Run!

It's official. Boba Fett is cooler than you are.

Come catch a whuppin', Rebel-style.

That shipyard just entered into a world of hurt.

Things could be going better.

Geek poetry.

Choices, choices...

Vader is just as hardcore as he should be. He's worth at least 20 other men, and a couple of tanks.

This is where all your building will go on.

This destroyer is limping along in cinema mode.

Each of those spots are separate targets on that ship.

Zooming out to the max removes the HUD and just shows you a really elevated level map.

Note the strengths and weaknesses of your units.

Things look pretty good, and my graphics settings are only about half what they could be.

Wookies, by the way, kick way more butt than Rebel troops.

Some of the environmental effects are pretty nice.

This is one beast of a Rebellion ship.


Archives  Previews  Star Wars: Empire at War