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Escape From Monkey Island
February 6, 2001 | Andy Largent

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Westlake Interactive, one of the best Mac game porting houses in the business, has a fun habit of giving unrevealed projects a secret codename before they're announced on their web site. These names usually are able to stir Mac gamers into a flurry, throwing out guesses at what the next big title might be. Last fall, a new game simply called "unimaginable" showed up on Westlake's radar. When the game was finally revealed to be Escape from Monkey Island, many were amazed, simply because no one could have imagined LucasArts would ever come back to the Mac. But thanks to publisher Aspyr, the "unimaginable" is happening.

LucasArts has produced a long list of Mac titles over the years. A quick look at the fan site LucasMacs tells of over twenty games from the company, including the first two in the Monkey Island series. With the exception of Episode One Racer, though, most of these have not been published in recent years. Lucas decided when Apple hit their slump they would stop producing Mac games. After enjoying titles like Sam and Max or Day of the Tentacle (two of my personal favorites), Mac users were very disappointed not to get the chance at newer games like Obi Wan and Monkey Island 3. It was just assumed we'd never see the light of another major Lucas adventure on a Mac. This is why the announcement of Escape from Monkey Island, Lucas' fourth game in the popular graphic adventure series, came as such a surprise.

Since Mac users have missed a third and crucial segment of the story, let's do a quick recap. The Secret of Monkey Island, the first in the series, introduced us to Guybrush Threepwood, the young and slightly goofy man striving to be a pirate. It's here that he first meets the lovely Elaine, Governor of the Tri-Island area, who gets kidnapped by the dreaded ghost pirate LeChuck. After you guide Guybrush through his trials and save Elaine, you're now an official pirate. Problem is, ghost pirates don't die easily and now LeChuck's after you! Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge involves you avoiding the villain while trying to find the treasure called Big Whoop (weird name, but it's the early 90's), which is sure to hold amazing powers. More misadventures ensue and soon we're at Monkey 3, The Curse of Monkey Island, where you start out barely escaping LeChuck's clutches. Having swiped a ring from the ghost pirate, Guybrush proposes to Elaine, only to find out the ring is cursed. His finance is turned to a golden statue until he can find a way to break the curse. You can probably guess he succeeds, though only after many wisecracks and puns.


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