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Aspyr Media
Release Date
August 2005

LEGO Star Wars
August 9, 2005 | Dustin Smith

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The graphics of LEGO Star Wars on the whole can be summed up in one word: cute. When you see the cylindrical heads with the plain black eyes we've all come to enjoy over the years it is really hard to call it anything but. Then you tack on the flat feet, the holes in the back of the legs, the connecting shapes, and the way everything can just explode into its original pieces so that you can see how it was created, and another word will come to mind: detailed. Traveller's Tales took a lot of time looking at every little detail about this game and making sure that it not only fit the Star Wars universe but also made sense in the LEGO universe as well. Everything fits together incredibly neatly. The colors are bright and the reflections are really well done to the point of almost being too realistic for a LEGO world.

Speaking of colors, I was happy to see that the lightsabers were not just one or two colors. In total I think I counted about five different colored lightsabers, including Mace Windu's purple lightsaber (I was unaware the Samuel L. Jackson would not have done the movie if he did not get a purple lightsaber, which is why there is an extra to turn all of the character's lightsabers purple)! When the lightsabers are brandished you can see the aura of color off the plastic LEGO characters making for some really cool lightsaber battles as multi-colored sparks shoot off in different directions.

The sound was done by Skywalker Sound. Is there really anything else to say? George Lucas had a finger in this mix and thank the heavens he gave permission to Traveller's Tales to use music and sound effects directly from the movies, or else the game just would not have been half as fun. Like I said before, the soundtrack was ripped pretty much directly from the movies, and except for the choral sections, it's just orchestra. But the music makes the game seem like it is taking itself so seriously you just have to laugh. Especially when you see Darth Maul for the first time. I was so happy when the famous confrontation music of Episode One started up, and the camera focused on Darth Maul, garbed in his cloaked hood and wielding his infamous red double-bladed lightsaber. Oh, it just made me squeal with glee. There were small cut-scenes from the movies done all in LEGO of course, but those of you expecting voice acting will be sorely disappointed. I was a bit put off at first but as you get through about the third level you start to realize that talking of any sort would totally ruin the cute LEGO experience. So just sit back and enjoy the grunts and exclamations of the little breakable people on your screen.

There is one gripe I hope they can fix before this little gem goes gold: there is no network play. Those of you with gamepads should consider yourselves lucky to have them because trying to fit four hands on one keyboard is one royal pain in the butt. Four hands on one keyboard just makes the game a little bit less enjoyable because you're kind of cramped and your hands may get stuck in carpal tunnel inducing positions for a long time. You might just find yourself dropping out long before you wanted to because it's so dang uncomfortable at one keyboard.

That's about it. The game goes back to fun and simple. Four hearts, four buttons, two players. 50 characters, a plethora of extras, and just plain fun. Fun, fun, fun. Not exciting fun, not itchy trigger finger fun, just happy, laughing fun.

LEGO Star Wars
Publisher: Aspyr Media
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