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Star Wars Battlefront
June 15, 2005 | Marcus Albers

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Ever since the first time I watched The Empire Strikes Back and saw the scene with the towering walkers coming over the icy ridge of the planet Hoth, I have wanted to be able to pilot an AT-AT and crush the Rebellion! While we have been able to control AT-ATs, as well as many other types of ships, vehicles, and characters from the Star Wars universe in other games, none of them have given the kind of visceral experience that Star Wars: Battlefront can promise.

Battlefront, from LucasArts, Beenox, and Aspyr Media, is the fulfillment of every Star Wars geek's dream: the ability to be a part of one of four factions and battle it out with the others in the Star Wars universe. You can join the Rebel Alliance or Galactic Empire from the original trilogy, or choose the droid CIS army or the Republic's Clone Armies.

No matter which side you choose, you'll be given the chance to control a number of different types of soldiers, from Dark Troopers to Droidekas to Rebel snipers. The types of soldiers have different strengths, abilities, and weapons. Certain character types will come in handy in different situations.

As well as the different soldiers, you will also be given control of different vehicles from the Star Wars universe. AT-ATs, AT-STs, TIE Fighters, and more are at the disposal of the Galactic Empire. The Rebellion will have amongst its supplies X-Wings, Y-Wings, Snow Speeders, and other vehicles. The CIS droid armies will have access to Droid tanks, Hellfire droids, and Spider walkers, among others. Finally, the Clone Armies of the Republic will be able to use Walkers, Drop-ships, and Jedi Starfighters. Combine all of these with heavy anti-personnel weapons such as rocket launchers and ion pulse cannons, as well as heavy guns on the ground, and you have a lot of firepower to play with in Battlefront.

The game consists of different modes of play. The first is the Galactic Conquest mode. This mode pits the player against various factions as they progress through the worlds of the game, trying to win one battle after another to eventually gain total conquest of the galaxy.

The second mode is the historical campaign mode. Taking place in either the era of the Galactic Civil War or the Clone Wars era, the player will face the classic battles of the movies from both sides of the fight. Will you be able to successfully defeat the Rebels at Hoth, or the CIS on Geonisis? Or will history be forever changed? The choice is yours.


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