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Myst III: Exile
January 17, 2001 | Christopher Morin

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I recall my first foray into the world of Mac gaming. It was 1994 and I just brought home my state-of-the-art PowerMac 6100 with a DOS card. Talk about the Life of Reilly, eh? Anyway, I ran right out and bought the hottest game at the time, Myst. Myst broke sales records. People actually forgot they had a life in this world and became immersed in the world of Myst. Of course, much to the delight of Cyan, the company that created the games. Myst evolved into Riven. Now, the many fans of Myst eagerly await Myst III: Exile. Here is IMG’s sneak preview of this anticipated new title.

This will be the first Myst title in which Robyn or Rand Miller will not have a hand in everything that goes on. Presto consulted with Cyan on the history of Myst and the timeline of events. They have some creative input, though. They have reviewed scripts, concepts, and puzzles. They even provided some voice-overs for the Myst III trailer. According to Susan Weyer at Presto Studios, Rand Miller is excited and eager to play a Myst title that he did not know everything about.

Put away the grenade launchers and the high-powered rifles. Stowe the flak jackets and body armor. Instead, don your thinking caps and prepare to be immersed in the world of Myst…again. For many, the nerve-wracking binge on first-person shooters has lost its luster. For those of you who are ready to get rid of that nervous twitch one and for all, look no further than Myst III: Exile. Myst III promises a respite from all that FPS mayhem, and is the current project over at Presto Studios. You recall Presto is the house that brought the acclaimed Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time title and others. Forget all you knew about the worlds of Riven and Myst. This title features five new ages and a new villain.

The Story
This new villain is from a world destroyed by Achenar and Sirrus. Seeking revenge for his world’s destruction, this mysterious spoiler seeks to destroy Atrus and Catherine’s latest attempts to reestablish contact with the D’ni. For the uninitiated, the D’ni are a special race of people who posses the ability to write the linking books encountered in Myst. This new villain is played by Academy Award nominee Brad Dourif. Brad is well-known for his roles in Babylon 5 and The X-Files as well as countless other TV and film roles. A versatile actor, Mr. Dourif, should bring quite a bit of life to the villain who endured unimaginable suffering at the hands of Atrus’ two sons.

There may be one or two folks out there who never played either of the first two titles, Myst and Riven. You should not be concerned at all about buying this new release. All the history and storyline that you need to know to solve the puzzle that is Myst III will be woven into the story. Consequently, you will not need to rush out and buy the previous two games and solve them before Myst III is released around April 2001. There will be a couple characters from Myst and Riven who will appear in Myst III. Atrus and Catherine, who were helped in the first two games, are trying to put the past behind them and build a new life for themselves in the Age of Tomahna. Rand Miller will reprise his role of Atrus and Maria Galante will play Catherine. Their efforts are thwarted by a new enemy played by Brad Dourif.


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