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The Sims 2
October 19, 2004 | Tuncer Deniz

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Wants And Fears
Another significant addition to The Sims 2 are the enhancements made to the sims' personality traits and the way they act. While you can set their personality background by adjusting their horoscopes and characteristics like neatness, playfulness, you sims now have new features such as memories, genetics, and a new aspiration/fear system.

In the aspiration/fear system your sim will go about his life based on these needs and fears. If you set your sim to aspire for love, your girl sim will seek a husband or boyfriends. Set your sim to aspire for money and his main goals in life are to become successful and wealthy. Along with aspirations come fears and your sims will fear losing their jobs or being dumped by someone. All this helps to bring your sim characters to virtual life.

In one scenario I played, I set my girl sim for love. After she got married and had kids, I was kinda suprised to find out she wanted, well, to have affairs and to seek new loves. The husband, of course, didn't care. He was intent on making as much money as possible so he could buy his favorite toys.

Your sims also generate memories that impact their future behavior. Important events such as having babies or having a loved one pass away can change your sims' behavior, but usually only for a short time.

The key to The Sims 2 is the aspiration meter. Each sims has one of these meters that fill up whenever you complete a goal and empties when their fears are realized. Goals and fears can be short and long term. Short term goals can be as simple as buying a new chair or tv while long term goals can be something like having babies or learning how to clean.

If your sims' aspiration meter falls into red, they tend to go insane and become unresponsive to your orders. So maintaining a good aspiration meter is essential to the well being of your sim and to those sims around them.

Early on in the game your sims' aspiration needs will be simple like buying a new sofa or getting a job. As they grow older, their needs also grow and that's where the challenge of the game comes into play.

Building The Perfect Beast
In addition to building your sims, half the fun in the game is building their dream house. You can either custom build a new house from scratch or buy an existing one. Through the buy mode you can buy furnishing for the house and what not. The buy mode, however, has been enhanced so you can add new additions to the house such as new rooms, new levels, and more. In the neighborhood editor you can add pre-built houses on empty lots or build a new one.

Overall you can see why the sequel took so long to complete. While skin deep it looks very similar to the original, the addition of a new aspiration system, bigger house building, and much better character options make it a worthwhile successor.

In the coming months we'll be taking a close look at the upcoming Mac version. Be sure to stay tuned to IMG for more in-depth previews, interviews, and more.

The Sims 2
Publisher: Aspyr Media
Developer: Maxis
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