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November 3, 2004 | Jonathan Lowrie

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The H.U.D. is fantastic; you have your health, stamina, and armor on the left, and your weapon, ammo and reserve ammo on the right. There is also have an indicator of what area you are in. The tunnels of U.A.C. are complex and it helps to keep track of where you are going. There is also a console for tweaking the game and specs.

Your gaming experience would be incomplete without spine chilling 5.1 surround sound. This is one of the few titles where available technology is put to good use. DOOM 3 has music, but it is subtle and soon you forget you are even on Earth and feel like you are in a shadowy corridor on Mars. You here creepy scuttling of creatures behind you, footsteps to your left, and a scraping noise down the dark corridor. All the ambient sounds like dripping water make you feel there. Of course, the pump and click of the shotgun and the sound of the chainsaw tearing apart zombie parts is truly satisfying as well. The sound more than the visuals make the game a suspense horror walk though.

When you actually play the game you are reminded of arcade games like House of the Dead more than a FPS like Unreal Tournament. For those that enjoy walking down hallways, collecting B.F.G.Ďs and taking on hordes of undead, then DOOM 3 is for you; you get plenty of non-stop demonic bashing action. Often you are killed from sheer numbers of opponents rather than any particular strategy they use, Although each creature has a unique attack, the Artificial Intelligence is rather zombie-like. Itís not bad, as in monsters getting stuck on walls or behind doors, but its not like taking on a bot that can frag you into next week. The game itself is also very linear in the story. Since its so entertaining and plays like a first person horror film, its still enjoyable, and after a hard day of work, using the shotgun on some Imps sure is relaxing, but the game does have a start and a finish and a lot of monsters in-between.

Did you say multiplayer? There is a multiplayer option to DOOM 3, although the folks at ID did not want to focus on this aspect and they didnít. There are a few maps and such, and the servers can be busy and laggy (it was a new game after all), I am sure the mod folks will rectify the poor multiplayer experience down the road.

If you want a game that involves strategy, planning, and coordination, then DOOM 3 is not for you. But for the rest of us, itís a visually thrilling experience that takes us from our desks to the depths of the Martian complex fighting hordes of demons before they can escape to Earth.

This is just a glimpse of what DOOM 3 will offer. In the coming weeks look for a hands-on preview of the game on IMG.

Publisher: Aspyr Media
Developer: id Software
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