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Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear
December 14, 2000 | Jeff Wescott

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You just gotta love sequels. What is better than taking one of your favorite games, fixing the bugs and game play issues that annoyed you, and adding to a story line that kept you riveted to your Mac for all those hours?

Enter Rogue Spear, a follow-up to the successful Rainbow Six from Red Storm Entertainment. This Tom Clancy-based game once again immerses us in the world of modern-day espionage and terrorism. Take command of the Rainbow Six anti-terrorist team, which comes this time around with 10 new team members, weapons and, of course, enemies.

Rogue Spear is not an expansion pack to Rainbow Six. It is a completely new game, rebuilt from virtually the ground up. In fact, once you play this game, you will probably never go back to R6 ever again. According to publisher MacSoft, the game was scheduled for a late December release. Well, it’s not out yet (it just recently went Golden Master), but you can bet it’s darn close to shipping. The beta used for this preview was very stable, and it looked and felt like a finished product.

Some of you have never tried R6, or are saying "Who is Tom Clancy?" You need to get out of the house more. Clancy is the premier author of his genre and can craft an alluring, well-researched tale. Pick up one of his many novels, or rent film adaptations like "Hunt For Red October" or "Patriot Games." Besides entertaining you by their own virtues, they will also enhance your appreciation of Rogue Spear.

Last year saw the release of R6, the first game adaptation of Clancy’s universe. In fact, Clancy co-founded and owns Red Storm Entertainment. Rogue Spear has earned accolades on the PC side (they got it first, of course) and there is a healthy online community as well.

In Rogue Spear, you resume the role as leader of the Rainbow Six team, a multinational task force of assault specialists, snipers and electronics experts. Your overall mission is the same: stop terrorists wherever they strike. In this game, you will face off against a variety of political extremists in hostage situations, seek-and-destroy missions and more.

The first mission here seems simple enough: free all hostages taken by the Islamic Vanguard in the New York museum. Sweep and clear. Later, you come to realize is that what seems like unconnected terrorist incidents are actually part of a larger plan. Behind it all is the Russian Mafia and a powerful Middle Eastern terrorist group. They are well-funded, organized, and adept at killing people and blowing things up. In many ways, the masterminds are the evil twins to the R6 team.


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