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Battlefield 1942: Deluxe Edition
June 9, 2004 | Gordon Hurd

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There was a great deal of good planning in the way vehicles were designed for the game. No two vehicles are exactly alike, and balance is well maintained as well. Some tanks allow two players, one to drive and fire the main cannon, the other to sit atop and utilize the external machine gun. Others are one-man affairs and offer bigger firepower, but longer reload times. There are motorcycles with rear machine guns attached, transport boats with machine guns, single-man fighter jets, heavy bombers that seat up to three players, all the way up to destroyer ships that have four available guns. Put simply, there is vehicle combat capabilities for nearly every taste and persuasion—it truly is the essence of Battlefield 1942.

Last impressions
No game is perfect, but BF1942 comes close depending on the expectations you bring to it. Are you interested in an action game, set in semi-realistic battle scenes, with expansive maps, with an emphasis on fast, vehicle-based combat? If so, Battlefield 1942 is definitely a game you should explore. If realistic simulation or intensive strategy is your flavor, this game may come up short for you in a few areas.

Likewise, if spectacular sound and graphics are a requirement for the games you choose, BF1942 may not meet your exacting expectations. While the graphics and sounds are respectable they do not seem to reach toward the cutting edge. I did experience some sound glitches and playing on anything but native resolution on an Apple 20” Cinema Display resulted in choppy text and blurred graphics, though admittedly this occurs with most games. Nevertheless, the expansive terrains in the maps are beautiful to behold and offer an immersive experience.

Other nitpicks: game load time is hefty (though wait times on the PC are similar). My test system is a Dual G4 1.25GHZ and found that I could go grab a drink or a snack while a map in Campaign mode was loading. In multiplayer I didn’t experience the same amount of time, but it was still longer than seems ideal.

The arrival of Battlefield 1942 to the Macintosh could turn out to be a major step in the longevity of gaming on the platform. Well over two years after its release on the PC, gamers still flock to servers to battle out the legendary scenarios of World War II. With the wealth of mods already released and in ongoing development and, now, the inclusion of the entire Macintosh gaming community, there may be many more years to come for the Battlefield series.

This preview release offers a solid gaming experience. I look forward to the final release and, hopefully, future releases of Battlefield titles.

Battlefield 1942: Deluxe Edition
Publisher: Aspyr Media
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