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Battlefield 1942: Deluxe Edition
June 9, 2004 | Gordon Hurd

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Single player mode is a great way to practice driving vehicles and trying out the different kits and weapons. But, the main event is multiplayer. The game utilizes a built-in Gamespy server browser, similar to those found in the Medal of Honor titles. BF1942ís particular interface, however, seems more efficient and streamlined, and appears to just plain work better in terms of finding, filtering, and saving favorite servers. It took me just a few minutes of browsing and filtering to find a server that looked inviting.

And for those who may have been concerned about whether or not the Mac version of BF1942 will play nice with its PC cousin, fret not. At this beta stage I was online and playing with seasoned PC veterans without a problem (and thankfully had spent some time in single player mode, because I had a lot of catching up to do on the skills front).

BF1942 offers a number of different game types in multiplayer. There is the standard Team Match and Capture the Flag. By far the most popular game type on public servers is Conquest mode, wherein the two teams vie for control over key map points, signified by hoisting a flag in your military colors. Depending on the map, Conquest matches may entail both sides fighting for available control points (Head-on) or one side acting as aggressor and the other defending preordained control points (Assault). Given the number and variety of standard maps, the two different types of multiplayer matches, and servers that support up to 64 players, there is plenty of chance for new experiences in multiplayer action.

The key factor in Conquest is tickets. Each team has a set number of tickets available at the start of a game. When control points are lost or players die, a team loses tickets. Consider it a countdown and you get the hang of it.

Once you have chosen a server and dropped into the game, you are given the Spawn Screen where players choose a spawn point. This is the case with single player games as well. Depending on where your teamís control points are, you can choose different areas of a particular map in which to spawn. Players choose their kits here as well. Spawn time varies from map to map, and is also dependent on tickets

Let it roll
So, now that youíre on a server, joined a game, picked a spawn, donned a kit--what you gonna do? My advice: run for the nearest vehicle and start tearing up the dirt. The action is what BF1942 is all about and youíll find plenty of heat if you step inside a tank or hop into the cockpit of a plane. Since the gameís initial release in 2002 other titles released on the Mac have spotlighted vehicles, notably Halo and Unreal Tournament 2004, but that hardly spoils the fun of BF1942ís action-packed World War II era wheels, wings, and watercraft. Depending on the map and game, players can operate light or heavy tanks, armored personnel carriers, jeeps, fighter planes, bombers, destroyers, aircraft carriers, battleships, and more.

Vehicle controls are, for the most part, efficient and not too difficult to get into. While I think vehicle control on Halo offers a superior experience in terms of ease of use and manipulation, BF1942 comes a close second. The main exception is flying airplanes. Without a joystick or gamepad your experience in the air will be short-lived. The rest of the vehicles operate well with a mouse and keyboard, most offering visual control with the mouse and steering with the keys.


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