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Aspyr Media
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James Bond 007: NightFire
May 17, 2004 | Dakota Brown

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Sights and Sounds
Being that this was a beta release, portions of the graphics were not quite finished. What is finished looks good, but certainly isnít pushing the envelope anywhere. Nightfire saw its original release in 2002, and the graphics certainly reflect that. Levels are big and fairly detailed, but largely not interactive. There are still subtle graphical easter eggs that youíll be able to appreciate, but Nightfire just wonít compete with todayís graphical heavyweights.

That being said, gamers with lower-end Macs will get a decent game that they are still able to play. System requirements call for at least a 500 MHz G3 with 256 MB RAM and 1 Gig of open drive space.

Sound in Nightfire is adequate, but once again, what impressed two years ago is the standard today. Voice acting is above par for the course and is used deliver tons of relatively enjoyable dialogue. The theme song is easily one of my favorite songs from the Bond franchise. It is a shame that it isnít used more through out the game. Although, the game is scored nicely.

And the forecast isÖ
All in all, it looks like Nightfire is sizing up to be an average FPS. Unfortunately, some players may take this to be a bad thing. It isnít. Mac gamers will be getting a seemingly improved port of a decent PC game. The only problem is that the PC original is two years old. The genre of first person shooters has evolved in that time, but that can hardly be held against Nightfire.

As I said, this seems to be an improved port. The PC version had questionable artificial intelligence to be polite. That doesnít look to be the case with the Mac version. Aspyr deserves praise for transforming the AI from a blubbering buffoon into a quasi- formidable opponent.

James Bond 007: Nightfire isnít really in a position to de-throne Goldeneye 64, but it is going to be an honest outing for the franchise. Mac gamers can expect to get balanced and solid gameplay. It probably wonít be a huge hit, but based on the beta build, it wonít disappoint either.

James Bond 007: NightFire
Publisher: Aspyr Media
Mac Version: TransGaming
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