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Battlefield 1942: Deluxe Edition
March 25, 2004 | Tuncer Deniz

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Classes and Multiplayer Modes
BF 1942 has five different classes which include scout, assault, anti-tank, medic, and engineer. Each class has either a unique ability or carries a unique weapon. For example, the scout wields a sniper rifle and has the ability to call in artillery. The scout does this by looking in through his binoculars. Somewhere else on the map, the person manning the artillery unit can "see" the target the scout is looking at, and then fire the weapon.

Other classes such as assault can carry the most grenades while the medic can heal fellow soldiers. The powerful anti-tank class carries a rocket launcher (but only a hand gun to defend himself against enemy infantry units) and the engineer class can place mines and has the ability to fix damaged vehicles.

While Battlefield 1942 has the obligatory capture-the-flag mode in the game, what makes the multiplayer game shine is conquest mode. Here the two teams start on opposite ends of the map and try to take control of neutral flags in the middle of the field. When the game starts, each team has an equal number of "tickets". The objective is to capture the flags and hold as many of them as possible. The team that has fewer captured bases will start to lose these tickets, while the discrepancy exists. For example, if there are three flags on the map and Team A has two of them, Team B will start losing tickets. Once these tickets get to zero, that team loses the match.

Respawning in the game is also interesting. You can respawn either your home base or one of the captured flags. This helps to keep the action fast and furious.

Aspyr's Glenda Adams has told us they plan on fully supporting Mac to PC networking.

The Road to Rome
In addition to the original game, Aspyr will be bundling The Road to Rome expansion pack with the initial release of the game. The expansion pack has six new maps that cover the opening assault on Sicily and all the way leading up to Rome. The expansion pack also introduces nine new vehicles including four new armored vehicles. The pack also includes two new twin-engine attack bombers: the British Mosquito and the German BF-110, complete with a rear machine gunner.

The maps themselves have a lot of Italian character in them such as Italian villas, half-destroyed monasteries, and a ship port with huge freight cranes.

Desert Combat
I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Desert Combat (DC) in this first look preview. What is Desert Combat? Well, it's a mod for BF 1942 that has had me hooked for the last three months. No other game or mod has had me so engrossed and addicted than DC.

Ok, so what's so special about this mod? Well, DC throws out all the WWII stuff and in place gives you all modern weapons, vehicles, planes, and helicopters. This free mod pits Iraqis against US Forces with maps from Desert Storm to Somalia.

In the mod you'll find vehicles such as the Abrams M1A1 Battle Tank, the M2A3 Bradley, Humvee, Howitzer, A-10 Tank Killer, F-14 Tomcat, F15 Eagle, F-16 Falcon, AH64 Attack Helicopter, UH-60 Blackhawk, and AC-130 Gunship. On the Opposition side you'll have access to the T-72 Battle Tank, BMP-2, SCUD Launcher, Pickups, Mig29, SU-25, Mirage, Hind Attack Helicopter, and much more.

DC also includes six different classes including the sniper (sniper rifle and has the ability to set targets for artillery), assault (an assault rifle with a grenade launch), heavy assault (heavy machine gun and grenades), anti-armor (anti-armor rocket launcher, landmines and anti-aircraft stinger missiles), support (shotgun, smoke grenade, mortar, and health pack), and Spec Ops (suppressed assault rifle, C4, and smoke grenades).

Desert Combat is so wildly popular, it now outranks the original Battlefield 1942 in terms of games played day in and day out. Yes, folks, it's that good.

Head over to the official Desert Combat web site for more informaton on this extremely popular mod.

The "X" Factor
I'm sure many who find out that Battlefield 1942 is coming to the Mac will roll their eyes. Another game ported to the Mac nearly two years after its PC release? And what's worse, after the release of Battlefield Vietnam has landed on the PC? I posed that question to Aspyr's Glenda Adams, who responded, "Battlefield 1942 has become one of the most popular multiplayer PC games in the world. With the great expansion packs and community mods it's been kept fresh and has a huge following. We wanted to let Mac users jump in and have fun too. Every few years a game comes along that becomes a phenomenon with a much longer gameplay-life than most games, and Battlefield 1942 is that kind of game."

Exactly. Once in a while a game does come along that stands the test of time. Unlike other games that come and go, BF 1942 is still wildly popular. And now it'll be even more so when Mac gamers get into the battle.

In the coming months we'll be posting more information on Battlefield 1942 for the Mac including hands-on previews, interviews, and much more. In the meantime, be sure to check out some of the cool movies of BF 1942 on Page 3...


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