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Call of Duty
April 27, 2004 | Casey Carbonneau

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I asked Amity Lesko, the Project Manager at Aspyr, about their experience in porting Call of Duty – specifically concerning the Quake III Engine and recent OS X improvements. She said, “We've done a bunch of Quake 3 based games (Medal of Honor, Elite Force 1 & 2, Jedi Knight 2 & 3, Alice, etc), and with each one we add a bit more Mac specific optimization, especially as newer versions of OS X give us more OpenGL features to use. Call of Duty is the most optimized Q3 game yet, and really has benefited from our programmer's experience working on previous Q3 games.” Very, very nice.

Also, I asked about the many options present under Sound (as sound plays an important part in both the singleplayer and multiplayer experience). I was most interested in how Apple’s announcing their support of OpenAL affects this and other titles, and she assured me that they are looking into taking advantage of the new OpenAL library for their titles.

This game in its beta state is more polished and bug free than some games upon release. Kudos to Aspyr for putting effort into a good port, as Mac ports can at times be hit or miss. Not so here – on my 1 GHz Powerbook, 1 GB RAM, and GeForce4 MX (64 MB), with everything on medium-to-high settings I got smooth gameplay. Also, in this Beta version, I was still able to play against PC users on a LAN (they had retail version with the 1.3 patch). Very cool – all maps, weapons, and features were there. If things continue this way, we’ll have a solid port on our hands.

Call of Duty
Publisher: Aspyr Media
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