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The Sims: Superstar
August 29, 2003 | Tom Burns

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"Experience the lifestyles of the rich and famous in The Sims™ Superstar. Make a name for yourself as a movie star, rock star, or fashion model, and then spend your hard-earned cash on a selection of extravagant new items for your home. You can cruise around the all-new Studio Town or kick back and relax with a lavish spa treatment. Will your Sims skyrocket to fame or fade into obscurity?"

In the beginning, Aspyr brought Mac users The Sims, and it was good. Then they brought us genies (Livin' Large), DJs (House Party), lingerie shops (Hot Date), snowboard half-pipes (Vacation), and pets (Unleashed) for our Sims to play with, and it was better. But this new expansion has a twist. Let's just put it this way: Have you ever imagined your Sims as divas?

Yes, that's right folks, the Sims are going hollywood. Gone are the days of simple life, replaced instead by the glamour, friends, and name-dropping of fame. Your Sims will be able to earn celebrity status by visiting Studio Town, a new area where you can choose to pursue your career in acting, music, or fashion. This is all regulated by a key new feature: the Fame Score, which ranges from "Nobody" to "Superstar."

You will start your path to stardom via a number of new social interactions including "schmooze," "network," and "sign autographs." Studio Town has a number of new objects as well, incluting karaoke machines, soap opera sets, and fashion runways which you will unlock by raising your Fame Score. Also newly available are a number of limousines to transport you to the studios.

Celebrity Accessories
Every celebrity needs a little (Okay, a lot) of R&R now and then, right? Superstar has your Sims covered. New spa areas will allow them to take a relaxing mud bath, or even expand their minds at the oxygen bar. If that doesn't meet their celebrity expectations, there are a number of other options available. For the more traditional, objects like massage tables and spa steamers are also available.

Just like your Sim, their house will need to change to reflect their new status. After all, what celebrity home is complete without a satellite dish and massage chair? Or perhaps a personal scuba room would be more to your liking? What about a skydiving simulator? If these new items seem a little outlandish to you, you'll need to adjust your viewpoints a bit, because these are the standard fare in Superstar. Of course they will also be adding more furniture, but who cares about that when you could have the most expensive items in the game right in your Sim's home?

If you still feel the need to flaunt your status, there are a few more alternatives. New characters, including butlers and masseuses will fulfill your every demand, and obsessed fans will be bothering you nonstop. If you make it big time, you might even pick up a Simmy Award or a Sim Choice Award.

All of these new items and rewards should keep your Sims happy for a long time, but just in case, EA has released a number of celebrity Sims which are available for download, including Andy Warhol and Christina Aguilera. This latest expansion to the Sims franchise, with its limos, oxygen bars, and runways, is sure to add a whole new layer to your gaming experience, breathing new life back into an excellent series of games.

The Sims: Superstar
Publisher: Aspyr Media
Mac Version: Westlake Interactive
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