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Aspyr Media
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March 17, 2003 | Michael Phillips

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Of course, when Rayne wants to end an enemy from a afar, she can pick up a wide array of firearms, one for each hand. The game features a targeting system that will allow players to acquire a separate foe with each gun.

Players will also be able to take advantage of Rayne's special preternatural abilities. Being a vampire, she can actually feed off of her enemies in order to sustain her own life. In order to feed, Rayne simply jumps onto the back or front of her victim, wrapping her legs around his waist for added control of the situation, slowly draining the blood from his neck. I can think of far worse ways to go, but I digress. While feeding, Rayne can continue to fire her weapons and even use her prey as a human shield to protect herself from incoming bullets. Rayne also possesses a harpoon-style device that allows her to pull meals toward her from a distance.

As the game progresses, players will be able to utilize Rayne's ability to slow the perception of time. Think Max Payne-style Bullet Time, but goth-sexy. With the world in slow motion, players will be able to dodge bullets and blows with style. Expect to witness incredible scenes, like Rayne leaping from a catwalk, targeting one enemy below with each machine gun, and then landing gracefully in order to decapitate a third adversary with the quick flick of her wrist, all in John Woo-esque splendor.

Visceral, Cathartic, Ravishing and Freaking Cool
BloodRayne is built upon Terminal Reality's Infernal engine, which supports 3D eye candy such as dynamic lighting and shadows, particle effects and bump/specular mapping. This game should look very pretty on any Mac with the proper horsepower. The Infernal engine was designed from the ground up to be creepy. It incorporates an environmental gore system that allows for nice touches like blood splatter on walls. For instance, if Rayne guns down or eviscerates a resister whose back is to the wall, his blood will permanently stain the room. Furthermore, severed limbs, destroyed objects and dropped weapons remain in a room even after Rayne leaves, a wicked reminder of the horror that occurred within.

Adding to the game's dark atmosphere, enemies that flee with a missing hand or foot, for example, will leave a trail of blood until they fall dead. Players should find it quite satisfying to chase down an escaping victim and swash his blood across the wall. Gamers will also find that Rayne herself is very nicely detailed; her hair actually bounces realistically as she brings death to her enemies.

All in all, BloodRayne looks to be an impressive game for the Mac OS. With its disturbingly gothic tone, intense action, brutally violent combat and lushly cathartic visuals, I can't wait for this game to grace my Cinema HD. Expect BloodRayne to hit store shelves very soon and stay tuned to IMG for our full review

Now, I leave with a fairly difficult bit of trivia! In this article, I referenced a quote from the film, Interview with the Vampire. The first person to identify the quote, scene and the character from which it came will win their very own copy BloodRayne as soon as it ships. (Note: We have a winner! The correct answer was "Food for the Immortals", spoken by Louis to the reporter.)

Publisher: Aspyr Media


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