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Sin Gold
October 3, 2000 | Andy Largent

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Nearly two years after its release on the PC, Sin is coming to a Mac near you. We’ve recently had a look at a beta of the Mac version, and were pleasantly surprised at the results of this seemingly ‘dated’ title. When Ritual finally released Sin, their first full game for the PC, it was met with heavy criticism. The game was originally slated to use the Quake engine and had moved to Quake II in mid-development. This caused delays that prompted the infamous “when it’s done” responses, and the final date slipped to late 1998.

Unfortunately, as many PC users found out, it wasn’t quite done. A number of bugs had slipped in as well, which only angered already-irritable gamers and the press further. Patches were released to plug up the holes and an add-on pack was even out soon after. But the bad first impressions were already made.

Contraband Entertainment is hoping Sin’s release on the Mac will go a bit more smoothly. The game’s announcement as coming to the Mac nearly two years after the PC release was a nice surprise. When looked at without the bugs, Sin is a fun FPS that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Many of the original designers worked on Duke Nukem 3D, and it shows. You play a very strong lead character in Colonel John Blade. He’s got a differing style from Duke, but the idea is the same. Stomp the bad guys and do it with an attitude.

Blade is the leader of a pseudo-police organization called HARDCORPS. They are the new order in the chaos which the city of Freeport has become in 2037. With the regular law enforcement unable to handle the criminal activity, it’s up to you to clean up the streets. The highly-addictive drug U4 has been around for a while, but recently it has been causing some odd reactions. In the process of cracking down on the dope, Blade is finding a connection to Sintek Corporation. The company manufactures an age-defying drug called Vanity and is run by the seductive (and blatantly voluptuous) Elexis Sinclaire.

Blade isn’t y our average mall rent-a-cop armed with an Orange Julius and a radio. He’s got a full arsenal of weapons; including a pistol, shotgun, assault rifle, machine gun, rocket launcher and more. Enemies can take locational damage as well, meaning a head shot is a much better idea to both take them down fast and conserve ammo. You don’t have to worry about Deus Ex-style aiming either, Sin is much more of a straight FPS and you can shoot accurately from the start. Blood spots will highlight where you’ve made a hit on a bad guy (or yourself, so be careful). The enemy AI is smart enough to run if they’ve taken too much damage and try to flee your blazing guns. They can also hear you coming if you’re noisy, so a bit of stealth might be in order when moving around.


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