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Are you going to install Windows on your Intel Mac?

Started 4/5/2006
Ended 4/12/2006
Duration: 7 days
Final Results: 739 Votes
choice votes result
Yes! 64%
No 36%
Should Stump Buck from the IMG Podcast be killed off?

Started 2/5/2006
Ended 2/12/2006
Duration: 7 days
Final Results: 214 Votes
choice votes result
No, I love it! Keep it! 71%
Yes, it's way too boring! 29%
Your plans for Halloween?

Started 10/24/2005
Ended 11/1/2005
Duration: 9 days
Final Results: 152 Votes
choice votes result
Stay in watching TV. 35%
Go to a party. 24%
Give out treats. 18%
Trick or treat! 13%
Play spooky games all night. 11%
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