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Wednesday, January 7, 2004

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MWSF: GarageGames Marches On
11:59 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

GarageGames also has a presence at MWSF, and IMG had the opportunity to chat with Jay Moore of GG and Justin Mette of 21-6 Productions to discuss their current and future plans.

One of the games currently being shown off is Dark Horizons: Lore. Currently in development by Max Gaming Technologies, this mech combat game is reminiscent of Battletech and features a variety of factions, combat zones, and mechs to choose from. The build we saw in action featured a blasted city landscape, where light mechs used jump jets to hop across the rooftops, using a variety of missiles, lasers, and sniper rifles to attack.

DH, which is an online multiplayer game, will not have a monthly fee attached to it in which to play. Future expansion packs are also being planned for it in order to keep the content flowing.

The folks at 21-6 were also showing an early build of GravRally. At first glance appearing to be a standard hoverbike racing game, this perception changes when it becomes apparent that players can race across any surface, zooming up walls and ceilings with impunity. GravRally will also feature several game modes, including Checkpoint Racing and Rabbit. 21-6, taking a page from Orbz, plans on supporting a strong player community for this one with the introduction of competitions, add-ons, and other goodies.

Jay Moore is quite enthusiastic about supporting the Mac market, noting that around 50% of GG's sales are Mac-based. He adds that GG is committed to bringing quality titles to the Mac platform.

Dark Horizons: Lore
21-6 Productions
MWSF 2004

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