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Friday, October 17, 2003

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Apple Features Ghost Master
7:20 AM | Trevor Buchanan | Comment on this story

Apple has divined yet another game feature for us. This time they have focused their attention on the unusual puzzler Ghost Master published by Feral Interactive. Here's a brief excerpt of what the feature had to say:

In a spooky twist Feral Interactive’s Ghost Master puts you in charge of your own creepy tales. Command a legion of ghosts and send them off to frighten mortals. Direct them to complete certain tasks with their scary powers and free imprisoned ghosts who join your forces. Amass gold plasm points you can use to enhance your ghosts’ abilities before tackling tougher challenges.
Buy the game on Halloween, and let's just hope for the best.
Feral elaborates:
You can watch the mortals as they go about their daily lives, driven by artificial intelligence that makes them act according to their natural tendencies, which you can read about in their onscreen bios.
For more information on this spook-the-gullible-humans extraordinaire, be sure to follow the links below.

Apple feature Ghost Master
IMG preview: Ghost Master
Feral Interactive
Sick Puppies
Ghost Master
Buy Ghost Master

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