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Monday, June 2, 2003

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Postal 2 Headed to Mac
12:00 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Running with Scissors has announced plans to port Postal 2 to the Mac. The game is anticipated to be released this fall. In a short Q&A with Inside Mac Games, the company's Vince Desi confirmed that a Mac version is currently under development by an outside developer.

When released in 1997, the original Postal was one of the first ultraviolent games to hit the PC. The controversial game was banned in several countries, was blasted by Senator Joe Lieberman, and the company, Running with Scissors, was even sued by the US Postal Service. Now six years later, the long-awaited sequel was released last month on the PC.

Postal 2 is described as a psychological thriller with a punch line ending built using Epic's Unreal Warfare Engine. The game features liquid dynamics like pours, drips, runs and puddles. Sophisticated AI supports people and animal interactions. Postal 2 is about humor with absurd, over-the-top, violent content. It even includes special guest star Gary Coleman of Different Strokes fame.

Here's our Q&A with Vince Desi of Running with Scissors:

IMG: Tell us a little bit about the Mac version of Postal 2. Is it currently in progress? When do you expect to ship it?

Desi: If everything goes ok, it will be availble in the fall.

IMG: Postal 2 uses the Unreal Warfare engine. Do you folks plan on porting the game in house?

Desi: We're working with an experienced Mac developer who has ported other Unreal engine titles. We've done Mac ourselves before but I don't see the need to try to do it ourselves when someone with better Mac experience can help us out, the key is to preserve the gameplay and all the things Running With Scissors is known for.

IMG: Will you be publishing Postal 2 or will you find a Mac game publisher to publish and distribute it?

Desi: For now, I'm concentrating on getting it done right, and initially we will make it available ourselves from our website So the Mac publishing license is available, its my goal to get in on Mac, and then hopefully it will get picked up for retail distribution.

IMG: Many Mac users are unfamiliar with Postal 2. Can you tell us a bit about the gameplay?

Desi: It's really a First Person Adventure, not a FPS, its based on the original POSTAL that came out in 1997, and was banned in over 10 countries, its filled with adult humor, and absurd violent content, if you have a soft stomach forget about it!

To learn more about Postal 2 and to check out screenshots of the game, head over to the official web site.

Postal 2
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