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Friday, April 25, 2003

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Apple Features the Torque Game Engine
9:39 AM | Johan HansÚn | Comment on this story

Apple has posted a new game feature on their website. This time they look at the Torque Game Engine from GarageGames and four games that use the engine. The Torque game engine is a 3D game engine that supports multiple platforms and has solid networking code. Unlike the well known Unreal and Quake 3 Engines, Torque is aimed at small independent developers with a very low licensing fee. This doesn't mean that the engine is bad, or that it hasn't been used in high profile games. It's an engine with a high profile past.

From the article:

The Torque Game Engine started life at Dynamix, a development division of game giant Vivendi Universal Publishing, where the five GarageGames founders - Moore, Tunnell, Frohnmayer, Tim Gift (director of technology), and Rick Overman (director of technology) - created the engine as part of their work on Starsiege, Tribes, and Tribes 2.
The games included in the feature are Marble Blast by GarageGames and Monster Studios, Orbz by 21-6 Productions, ThinkThanks by BraveTree Productions and finally, Tennis Critters by Nerd Riot Games. Marble Blast and Orbz are already available for both Mac and PC, while ThinkTanks and Tennis Critters are still in development. Read the full feature for more information about the Torque engine and the games created with it.

Marble Blast Gold
Tennis Critters
21-6 Productions
BraveTree Productions
Apple Feature: The Torque Game Engine
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Archives  News  Apple Features the Torque Game Engine