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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

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Pangea Releases Enigmo
8:36 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Pangea Software today announced the release of their latest Mac-only game entitled Enigmo. Enigmo is a 3D puzzle game where the player manipulates various streams of flowing liquid so that the droplets can reach their destination. Liquids (water, oil, and lava) fall from droppers, and will bounce off walls in a visually stunning cascade. By moving various types of bumpers, sliders, accelerators, and sponges, the player diverts the flow of the falling droplets.

"Enigmo is the most unique and original game that Pangea Software has ever done, and it is a departure from our action-adventure games which we are known for," said Brian Greenstone, President of Pangea Software. He goes on to explain that in addition to the 50 levels that come with Enigmo, there is a built-in level editor which allows the user to create their own entire games. These game files can be emailed to friends, or posted to web sites. "We think that there will eventually be thousands of levels to play once people start creating their own Enigmo game files," adds Greenstone.

The full game is available for download at our sister site, and weighs it at about 19 MB. IMG Pro users, please use your Hot Downloads server to download the demo.

The Enigmo demo is limited to the first 10 levels of the game and is also limited to 3 hours of total game play, after which the demo will lock itself and not be playable. Users can purchase a license for Enigmo via Pangea's web site for $19.95.

And finally, here are the system requirements:

  • 400mhz G3 or better
  • Mac OS 9.2 or better
  • Mac OS X 10.1 or better
  • 128MB RAM
  • 8MB VRAM
  • Rage 128 or GeForce 2

    For more info on Enigmo, be sure to check out our preview. Also head over to MGF to download the demo.

    Update: Our friends at have let us know that they've created a Miscellaneous file section on their web site so that gamers can upload user-created Enigmo levels and share them with others.

    IMG Preview: Enigmo
    Pangea Software
    MGF: Enigmo 1.0
    IMG Pro: Hot Downloads

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