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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

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Feral Announces Republic, Total Immersion
6:00 AM | Sean Smith | Comment on this story

Last night on The Gamesome Mac, the weekly Mac gaming radio program, David Stephen of Feral Interactive announced two new titles that his company will bring to the Mac this year.

In Republic: The Revolution, you must seize control of your central Asian republic by any means necessary:

Starting with a single loyal supporter, a tiny secret HQ, and a very small base of local support, you must build up a nationwide faction powerful enough to oust the President and rule the Republic of Novistrana.

Three other factions, each with their own agendas, will be vying for power with you. And of course, most formidably of all, the President will go to any lengths necessary to hold onto power.

Persuade, hire, and recruit all manner of specialist characters to your cause or use less ethical methods such as brainwashing or blackmailing to achieve your aims. These characters range from army generals to TV film stars to archbishops.

Players may follow different strands of play, allowing them to play as politicians, businessmen, criminals, religious leaders or generals. Behave as ruthlessly or as compassionately as you want. The choice is yours, but beware, as every decision has its consequences and repercussions.

Influence the general populace through your key supporters by using them to instigate actions. Hundreds of exciting and diverse actions to order and orchestrate from vast rallies and riots to rigging football matches to secret police "hits" to broadcasting news propaganda. In short, anything that has any influential significance can be done.

Republic, currently in development for the PC at Elixir Studios, has been winning awards at the Electronic Entertainment Expo for two years now, including GameSpy's Game of the Show award for E3 2001 and their Strategy Game award for E3 2002.

In Total Immersion Racing, developed by Empire Interactive, your success on the racecourse is determined as much by your relationships with other drivers as by your skill at the wheel:

Choose a career path that leads from being the lowest ranked all the way to becoming a world champion driving a massively powerful eight-liter prototype racecar. On the way, team engineers and managers will give advice and input to guide the player.

What really separates this game from the pack is the other drivers that are passed on the track to victory. The player is pitted against a posse of other drivers, all with their own unique personalities, driving styles, and responses. An advanced AI system has been created to ensure that every action of the player at the wheel is balanced by an appropriate reaction of the drivers that are nearby. Motor racing drivers have a long memory: upset the wrong opponent, and he may not respond until many races later, maybe when you are on the last corner before winning your championship!

Total Immersion also features 18 licensed GT, GTS, and LMP class cars, as well as real-world racetracks like Hockenheim, Monza, Sebring, and Rockingham.

For more information on Total Immersion Racing and Republic: The Revolution, listen to The Gamesome Mac's interview with Feral Interactive's owner, David Stephen. Watch for more information to become available about the games soon on the company's web site as well.

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