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Friday, October 18, 2002
ATI Update Brings Warcraft III Issues
9:43 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Owners of the PCI Radeon 7000 who have yet to download and install ATI's recently released October 2002 drivers may want to hold off on updating. A recent thread in IMG's forums concerning the new drivers contains several reports from Radeom 7000 users that the latest drivers cause graphical problems with Warcraft III, including "funny colors and flashing textures."

A thread at Accelerate Your Mac also reports the same issues with yet more users:

Installed the update on my Beige G3 updated with G4 466 and a ATI 7000 (OS X 10.2.1). Quartz extreme NOT enabled via PCI hack. Now the video in Warcraft III is all screwed up. Not sure how to explain it but everything was the same color. The colors they would flicker in and out Green, Yellow, Red. Sometimes it would look fine but only for a second. Made the game very hard to play. Just a word of caution to others.
As far as possible remedies go, Accelerate notes that a reinstall of older ATI drivers may not be possible for OS 10.2 users:
I don't think the July 2002 update will install in OS X 10.2 (the installer checks the OS X version usually based on past history with ATI updaters for OS X.) Note - one reader later wrote the July 2002 updater did install in 10.2, but I'm not going to test that personally. ATI had commented in the past that the installer checks of OS X versions were to prevent possible problems with future OS X versions that could have components like Opengl, etc. changed.) There may be a way to manually remove the update/reinstall the ATI drivers from the OS X 10.2 CD. Pacifist is a popular utility for extracting the DVD player, etc. from OS X CDs but have not used it personally.
IMG will be sure to keep readers updates as we get more information on this bug.

Accelerate Your Mac
Radeon 7000

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