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Thursday, July 18, 2002
MWNY: Harmon Multimedia Unveils their ‘Creature’
3:02 PM | Patrick Leyden | Comment on this story

Harman Multimedia has released a new speaker package called the JBL Creature at Macworld Expo this week. The Creature speaker system consists of a pair of satellite speakers and a subwoofer that deliver up to 40 watts of power.

These analog speakers can connect to any device that has a standard stereo headphone jack, including any iMac, iBook, PowerMac, PowerBook or iPod. The JBL Creatures have independent treble and bass controls and have touch-sensitive volume and mute controls not unlike the power buttons found on Apple flat panel displays.

Designer Kurt Solland of Harman Multimedia explained that he “didn’t want them [JBL Creatures] to look like speakers” and that the design of these speakers should act like a “Rorschach Test to provoke (users) emotions” since everyone who sees the speakers describes their unique shape in a different way.

The JBL Creature speaker system will retail for $129 US and will be available from CompUSA as well as the Apple Store. There are currently three colors available; Silver, White and Blue. Additional color selections are on the drawing board but have not yet been announced.

JBL Creature
Harman Multimedia
JBL Creature

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Archives  News  MWNY: Harmon Multimedia Unveils their ‘Creature’