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Thursday, May 16, 2002

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X-Plane Updated to 6.15
12:47 PM | Tim Morgan | Comment on this story

After a week of beta testing, Laminar Research has released version 6.15 of its popular general-aviation simulator, X-Plane. The new version includes many fixes:


  • Video RAM reduction of 40% at moderate to high texture res!
  • Load-time speedup of 15%!

New Features:

  • Visible speedbrakes on the wings! Pop the speedbrakes on the airliners and see them visually, as requested.
  • Briefer can now print the weather report to a text file so you may print it, etc, for viewing during flight.
  • More joysticks are now supported and more thoroughly. Also More PFC support.
  • Landing gear warning horn silencer, as requested.
  • Mixture and ignition status avail for data output.
  • Engine failure by separation from aircraft. Yes, this is "interesting." VERY "interesting." sometimes FATALY "interesting."
  • Load and save flight plans in your FMS system, as requested. Share them with your friends if you like! They are ".FMS" files in your "output/FMS plans" folder.

Bug Fixes:

  • Tire smoke OK, even on the replay and even if you blow a tire.
  • Refined realweather interpretation... X-Plane and Briefer cannot be fooled by erroneous or contradictory remarks.
  • All navaid data avail for udp output even if the cockpit is not up.
X-Plane is a modular flight simulator allowing pilots to fly almost anywhere on the planet in a variety of airplanes, from the typical to the exotic. X-Plane also simulates outer space and Mars flight.

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X-Plane 6
Download X-Plane 6.15 Update (2 MB)

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Archives  News  X-Plane Updated to 6.15