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Wednesday, February 6, 2002

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IGN Interviews Black & White's Peter Molyneux
10:50 AM | John Rousselle | Comment on this story

The folks over at IGN recently spoke with game designer Peter Molyneux regarding Black & White and the forthcoming Creature Isle expansion. Molyneux talks at some length about the lessons learned from Black & White and the direction in which the Lionhead Studios team decided to go with the Creature Isle add-on:

It came down to two choices for the add-on disk. Originally we had planned to do two simultaneously but it was too much effort and work. The two choices were this: either we make an add-on disc which focused on the creature and enabled you to do things with your creature that you could never do before and made him smarter and cleverer and people could show off their creatures online. Or we concentrate on the world and villages and what they did, what you did with them, more to do with the micromanagement side and includes a few more spells and made the starting of the conflict in Black & White.

The choice came down to Jonty and his team and the people who have been talking to us about Black & White. Creature Isle won hands-down on that. That fits really nicely into our idea of where we want to take Black & White over the next ten years. This is very much the start. As you play the game in successive versions, time moves on. The world becomes more sophisticated and more technologically evolved and the need for gods becomes less and less. That's a really strong story thread. The Creature Isle disc fits into that very well.

This is an interesting read, especially since Graphic Simulations recently announced that they will be bringing Creature Isle to the Mac.

Molyneux also goes on to discuss Black & White 2, Project Ego, and BC in this lengthy interview. Follow the link over to IGN for the full article.

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