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Friday, December 28, 2001
Eavy's Xmas Bonus Pack for Unreal Tournament
11:35 AM | Sean Smith | Comment on this story

Eavy, the author of a number of important modifications for Unreal Tournament, including the AssaultBonusPack and EavyDarkmatchIII, recently found a new host in BeyondUnreal for his dormant web site, Eavy's Unreal Tournament Mods. To mark the occasion, Eavy briefly came out of UT mod retirement this week and released a Xmas Bonus Pack:

Today is a big day. To celebrate Xmas, the anniversary of my site, and its move to BeyondUnreal.... Last but far from least I'm going to release one final modification (actually a bunch of mods) as a Christmas package:

EavyDominationPlus: This game type is a mix of Domination with Capture the Flag. Instead of time based scoring, your team scores a capture by controlling all control points at the same time for ten seconds. The first team with three captures wins.

EavyHighlanderMod: This mutator turns players into immortal Highlanders who can only be killed by shots to the head.

EavyMonsterMadness: This mutator spawns Skaarj monsters in any map. Planned for release as a Thanksgiving gift last year, I didn't release it since I wanted to polish it some more by including customization features, but time constraints prevented it. Other than that it's probably the most complete of this bunch of mods and a lot of fun for even a lone player in an otherwise empty map.

EavyCheatMode: This mutator lets players use cheat console commands without logging in as an admin. Made for practice matches so admins don't have to tell other players the admin password. Useful for clan practice servers.

EavyTournamentMutator: This mutator protects against common exploits like spawn-killing, impact-jumping, impact-launching, rocket-launching, redeemer-launching, team-switching, flag-dropping, tele-fragging, team-killing, and translocator-tossing. Made for all game types. Never finished however.

Eavy goes on to note that the Xmas Bonus Pack is released without support, but as Eavy's past mods have been great ways to breathe new life into MacSoft's Unreal Tournament, they're almost certainly worth a download for fans of the versatile first-person shooter.

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