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Monday, November 19, 2001

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Shadowbane Contest Closes
10:51 AM | Noah Brimhall | Comment on this story

Wolfpack Studios and Ubi Soft announced the close of their Shadowbane fan fiction contest. They have selected the five top stories, and on November 15 they began releasing them. Here are samples of the two stories to be released so far:

Fifth place: "Crossroads" by Rogan R. Hamby

Sir Gervais turned from cleaning his sword to see his charge struggling to carry a water pail into the garden. He watched as the scowling young man plopped the water pail and himself onto a stone bench.

Feeling playful in spite of the very serious young man, Gervais kept a straight face and waited for the coming comment. Experience dictated that it would not take long. It didn't.

"Don't you have someone to do that for you?" He glared accusingly at Gervais.

"I do but he's busy. Besides, knights should know how to tend their weapons."

"And how does growing roses fit into that?"

Fourth place: "The Return" by Lonnie Bristol
The small hillock was nothing more than a large, flat-topped mound of piled dirt, covered with thick clover, yet in reverence to the Living Saint, Elyot had called the rise Mount Malorn.

He had remembered playing on this same hill when he was just a boy, before the War of Tears. Back then it had been a place of escape, a place of adventure, and a place of enjoyment. As he stood at its base watching a small group of people gather, he thought back to his youth.

Head over to read the rest of these two contest-winning stories, and keep checking the official Shadowbane site for the third, second, and first place winners.

Shadowbane - Fan Fiction Contest: Fourth Place
Shadowbane - News
Shadowbane - Fan Fiction Contest: Fifth Place
Wolfpack Studios

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