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Wednesday, August 22, 2001

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9:37 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Blizzard's multiplayer service has recently posted some updates regarding both server status and a bug causing problems for Level 1 Barbarians. These updates follow the recently available Diablo II 1.09 patch, though it is not specified whether or not this new patch is the source of the problems.

Here's their official statement regarding server status:

Asia1 and USWest realms are still down while we investigate what is causing characters to revert to level 1 status, losing all items, experience, skills, and stat points. (Note that this is unrelated to the issue where Barbarians that were always Level 1 fail to load correctly).

We will update again tomorrow when we have more information regarding Asia1 and USWest.

The Barbarian Bug, as noted above, is causing Level 1 Barbarians to fail to load. promises to have a server-side update as soon as possible. For players worried about their characters, promises that any characteres that failed to load wil not need to be rolled back, as the character data is still intact.

More news and information on can be found at their main website. Official Site
Blizzard Entertainment
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

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