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Friday, June 15, 2001

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UT OpenAL Report
8:34 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

IMG recently caught up with Mark Adams of Westlake Interactive to find out the status of the OpenAL version of Unreal Tournament. This new version will give a huge boost to Sound Blaster Live! owners by providing directional sound in this extremely popular FPS. Here's what Mark had to say on where the version stands:

Its nearly finished, but we had a glitch when running it with the latest
OpenAL drivers (unfortunately all the sound came out too soft to hear).
Creative is looking at it, it should be quick fix so I still hope to release
it soon.
Sounds like Creative is working closely with Westlake to make sure everything gets done right. UT will also be the first Mac title to use OpenAL, Creative's open standard for sound, though other games (like Deus Ex and Monkey Island 4) have used EAX. Mark has explained the difference between the two in previous news articles. Here's a clip with more:
EAX basically gives you room effects (cave, hallway, etc) so all sounds get extra reverb and processing. OpenAL lets you do the EAX stuff plus you are actually giving each sound to the card with its 3D location in the world, so the card can do true pan (left/right/front/back) between speakers and also things like doppler shift if something is moving fast. The full OpenAL implementation will make even better use of the cards.
We'll bring you word when Westlake is ready to release the update.

Westlake Interactive Web Site
IMG News: Westlake Talks OpenAL & Unreal Tournament
Sound Blaster Live!

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