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Tuesday, May 1, 2001
Majesty Expansion Mac Info
9:12 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A new thread in the Cyberlore forums has recently been started about the Majesty Northern Expansion which has yet to be announced for the Mac. Fans of the original Majesty (who have given the game an astounding 9.38 rating in our user reviews) are certainly anxious for some news on the possibility of the add-on also being ported to the Mac OS. In the thread, Cyberlore's Jay Adan notes that they can't really do anything without the support of MacPlay, the publisher. He recommends some polite email from fans might convince the publisher to move forward and allow a port of the expansion. Here's his post in full:

Cyberlore doesn't publish anything. We merely develop games. Yes, Majesty is our IP, but without a publisher it wouldn't be published.

MacPlay is the publisher of Majesty for the Mac. They have expressed an interest in doing the expansion set for the Mac, but as yet it hasn't really gone much further than that.

If you want to find out what the holdup is you should really be asking them.

If you ARE going to contact them, please be polite. I know that I've gotten my share of "irate Mac gamer" e-mails... I can only imagine that they get lots more.


- Jay Adan

- Cyberlore Studios

So if you do feel so inclined as to mail MacPlay, please keep it clean and short, so as not to make a poor impression. We'll see if we can get an official update from MacPlay on the situation as well. For more info on the expansion, check out the Cyberlore site. If you haven't yet tried Majesty, check out IMG's review to find out why you should; a demo of the title is available.

Majesty Web Site
Download Majesty Demo
Cyberlore Forum Thread
IMG Review of Majesty

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