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Wednesday, April 25, 2001

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Monkey Island 4 Troubleshooting, Patch Due Soon
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The self-proclaimed Chief Monkey Wrangler, Jesse Spears, made a post in our forums in response to participants who have been reporting problems with the newly-released adventure game Escape From Monkey Island. In case you haven't caught on yet, Jesse ported EMFI for Westlake Interactive. He warns a forum poster of a bug that may cause the game to crash, which involves the in-game music in a particular area. A patch will be released in the near future to address the issue.

The originator of the forum thread was complaining of rendering bugs that occurred at certain points of the game which caused areas of the screen to be redrawn as white blocks. This is due to a memory shortage, as Jesse notes:

The white screen (or white squares) is the symptom of the game running out of memory. Normally, saving the game, quitting, and starting it up again should fix the problem.

However, the spot you've mentioned (just to the right of the boat on Jambalaya Island), has another problem. The problem is actually related to the Music, and can cause crashes in some situations (it's fairly random what will actually happen, you're lucky that it's just making you run out of memory ;-). We know about it, it's been fixed, and we'll be releasing a patch for it soon.

Until then, try turning off the music for that one area of the game, then turn it back on when you leave the beach.

As far as we know, this bug only affects that spot on the Beach, but it's possible that it might affect other areas (it's actually a problem with the Music's asking the code to do something very bad, and the code didn't have enough error checking to catch it).

We'll keep you updated on the progress of this patch and you can be sure to see it on MacGameFiles when it is available.

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Archives  News  Monkey Island 4 Troubleshooting, Patch Due Soon